The Minds Behind the Machines

Frustrated by the status quo, Aleph Objects, Inc. began with the goal to allow people the freedom they need to get the job done -- specifically, the job of conceiving, creating, and manufacturing prototypes and projects. Built upon the philosophy of freedom, Aleph Objects, Inc., the parent company of LulzBot and based in Loveland, Colorado, develops and manufactures a line of open desktop 3D printers.



Jeff has been working to advance free & open software, hardware, and culture for over 15 years.



Steven landed in the 3D printing world quite by accident. After securing a Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Georgia, he focused on media and contemporary sculpture, using 3D printing as part of his artistic arsenal. 3D printers quickly won out of art and became his full-time gig.



Harris has diverse management and enterprise technology consulting experience working with companies ranging from start-ups through the Fortune 500, spanning the professional and financial services, manufacturing and distribution, and education industries. Some of his print and media appearances include: The Wall Street Journal, National Public Radio, Al Jazeera, and The World Bank.